Introduction – The UK Protection Gap

Providing security for you and your family via some financial safety net is a priority for most of us. This is often achieved by some form of insurance protection. However, much of the UK is at risk of falling into the “protection gap”.

The protection gap is the shortfall in insurance cover to maintain the current living standards of dependents. Research has shown that the average family is only 32 days away from the poverty line if the main provider were to lose their income, become critically ill or die.

By looking at the cover you need, you may be able to close the protection gap for you and your family. This may require different types of cover, which with the help of an independent financial adviser, can be made to fit your specific needs and objectives.

Why consider financial protection?

Financial protection provides security for you and your family, protecting the things that are important to you. Therefore, it is important that your financial protection needs are considered in your wider financial plan. Alongside investment and retirement planning, financial protection is a vital part of you achieving your short, medium and long-term objectives.

When to consider your options

Your insurance options can be reviewed at any time. However, if you are considering or have recently done any of the below, this may be a good opportunity to review your current position.

  • Benefitted from an increase in salary
  • Bought a new home
  • Having children
  • Considering changing job or career
  • Have old insurance policies which may no longer be appropriate

Financial Protection Policies

Income Protection – Protect yourself and your household from loss of income.
Currently, qualifying teachers receive sick leave entitlement of up to a maximum of 6 months full pay, followed by 6 months half pay.

Critical Illness – Protect yourself and your household in the event of diagnosis of a critical illness

Life Insurance – Provide for your dependents or beneficiaries in the event of death or diagnosis of critical illness


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