Argyll and Bute Council are currently proposing the introduction of Executive Head posts to cover a ‘collective’ of schools in early years, primary and secondary. This would eventually see the deletion of Headteacher posts and the introduction of a Head of School post in its place. EIS reps and members have taken part in the ‘engagement’ process to date and have raised significant concerns about the proposals.

We cannot see the benefit of the posts, other than for purposes of budget reduction. The posts, as they are proposed, will not reduce the crisis of recruitment in rural areas and they will not reduce workload.

We need investment in our schools in the form of more classroom teaching time with senior school leaders given the time and resources to ensure a properly empowered school community. Everyone needs to continue to be encouraged to work collegiately and collaboratively, but this can only be done with investment. This proposal is a distraction from the underlying problems it seeks to address.

EIS reps will continue to engage with the Council over these proposals as we remain opposed to their introduction.