At a Special Council meeting in June 2020, convened to overtake AGM business, the EIS agreed to change its Membership Rules to include ‘Persons employed as graduate Early Years Practitioners’.

In Inverclyde we have eight members registered in that category so far and have started to build network links – hosting meetings and encouraging our newest members to come along.

The local association Secretary met the network early in the 2021/22 session to discuss the structure of the union, the benefits of joining EIS, to make a bid for a rep (well done to Gaynor on her ‘election’!) and to answer any questions the ELC team may have had.

Inverclyde’s ELC members are clear about their reasons for joining EIS – they realised over two lockdowns that EIS were the biggest influencers on decisions made for education and that joining a union whose sole focus was the education workforce would be in their best interests. They knew there were clear lines of communication between the local directorate and the LA Secretary and felt that, in being included in the EIS membership, their professionalism was finally being recognised.

Over the coming session, the plan is to meet with the EY teachers’ rep and the ELC members’ rep to discuss how we move forward as an Early Years team – we may have different terms and conditions, but we work under the same Council policies and have the same goal – the promotion of sound learning in our Early Years establishments.

Paula McEwan, Local Association Secretary for Inverclyde