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The EIS Annual General Meeting is one of the key events in the educational calendar. As the sovereign decision-making body of the Institute, the AGM shapes the policy and priorities for the EIS in the year ahead.

This year’s AGM, held at the Caird Hall in Dundee in the first week of June, featured a packed agenda which included 70 motions for debate, keynote speeches from the President and General Secretary, a fringe programme and invited guest speakers, plus the publication of an independent research report on teacher workload and the launch of the EIS manifesto ahead of the UK General Election.

In this special edition of the SEJ, we look back at the key events from the AGM.

This SEJ provides a flavour of the speeches and debates at AGM. Further details on all motions passed at the AGM is available via www.eis.org.uk

Also in this Edition

AGM Sights and Sounds

New Fellows Reply Each year, the EIS awards the degree of Fellow of the Institute (FEIS) to individuals who have...

Emergency Motion

Education Emergency in Glasgow 1. Council This AGM condemns Glasgow City Council's planned cut of 450 teachers' posts over the...

Education Motions

Human-Centred Education 1. Council That this AGM believes that the disruption to school education during the Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the...

Equality Motions

Inequality and Support for Wellbeing 25. Council That this AGM note that groups who are at higher risk of experiencing...

Salaries Motions

Campaigning for a Review of the State Pension Age 30. East Renfrewshire Local Association That this AGM instruct Council:(i) to...

Employment Relations Motions

Establishing a National EIS Health and Safety Representatives Network 44. Stirling Local Association That this AGM instruct Council to set...

Organisation Motions

The Stand Up for Quality Education Campaign 51. Council That this AGM commend the work of Council, EIS representatives, members and...


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Vol. 108 / Issue no. 03