• We need to talk about the Israel-Palestine conflict in our schools
    As with every previous re-occurrence of awful violence between Israelis and Palestinians, the unprecedented brutal aerial assault on Gaza following the murderous Hamas incursion in to Israel has prompted debate among educators as to whether this conflict should be a topic for discussion in our schools. The arguments against doing so are not insignificant or… Read more: We need to talk about the Israel-Palestine conflict in our schools
  • Promoting peace through dialogue
    Following the escalation of the Israel / Palestine conflict, the EIS joined its sister trade unions in calling for a peaceful resolution through dialogue. The EIS website hosts an educational resource, allowing teachers and learners to explore a range of relevant curricular themes. The EIS is appalled and deeply concerned by the recent escalating violence… Read more: Promoting peace through dialogue
  • Your Story, Our Story, Herstory
    The 96th Annual STUC Women’s Conference took place in Glasgow on the 30th and 31st October. The theme was ‘Your Story, Our Story, Herstory,’ after the Herstory Project developed by the STUC Women’s Committee to highlight the stories of Scottish Trade Union women. The Herstory theme captured the imaginations of delegates and guests alike with… Read more: Your Story, Our Story, Herstory
  • The Malady of Misogyny
    From Tate tantrums to Barbie blessings, 2023 has seen a reinvigoration of a cultural conversation about mainstream misogyny. It’s neither necessarily a conversation that teacher training prepares us for, nor one that the teacher workload (more than 40% of EIS members regularly work more than an extra full day a week) offers space to fully… Read more: The Malady of Misogyny
  • Gwen Mayor Trust
    The Gwen Mayor Trust was established by the EIS in memory of Gwen Mayor, the primary 1 teacher at Dunblane Primary School who was killed alongside 16 of her pupils in the 1996 tragedy. The purpose of the Trust is to advance education by providing financial support for projects in connection with the arts, culture,… Read more: Gwen Mayor Trust