Following the escalation of the Israel / Palestine conflict, the EIS joined its sister trade unions in calling for a peaceful resolution through dialogue. The EIS website hosts an educational resource, allowing teachers and learners to explore a range of relevant curricular themes.

The EIS is appalled and deeply concerned by the recent escalating violence against civilians in Palestine and Israel, and at the deepening humanitarian crisis that the latest development in the conflict has prompted.

the scale of destruction and loss of life are likely to induce significant trauma, the impact of which will last for decades to come.

We stand with the wider trade union movement in calling for the UK government and the international community to show leadership in promoting efforts to uphold the principles of international law, secure peace and protect civilians.

The EIS calls on the UK government, the Scottish Government and the international community to support the immediate opening of humanitarian corridors to facilitate access to humanitarian aid which is urgently needed.

As a teachers’ union, we are deeply concerned with the reported destruction of 18 UNRWA schools and 70 Palestinian Authority schools already. The result is the denial of safe education to more than 600,000 children and young people in Gaza, with this number only likely to grow. This will have a long-lasting impact on the children and young people of Gaza and their teachers.

Not only are teachers and their pupils likely to have lost the means of delivering decent education but the scale of destruction and loss of life are likely to induce significant trauma, the impact of which will last for decades to come.

We extend our solidarity to fellow teacher trade unionists whose professional and personal lives are being seriously impacted by the conflict.

We extend our condolences to those who have lost family and friends to violence. And we stand with those who oppose efforts to fuel anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim racism in Scotland and the wider UK as a result of these events.

The EIS reiterates our support for a just, comprehensive and lasting peace that is consistent with international law and is based on a two-state solution, and security for both Palestine and Israel which promotes democracy, equality and respect for human and labour rights.

The EIS remains of the view that the only way to reach a just resolution to the conflict is through dialogue.

EIS Resource on Palestine / Israel

A skills based resource focused on the conflict between Palestine and Israel is available on the EIS website.

Initially started as a joint production with various partners, including Education Scotland, the EIS assumed ownership of the resource in order to make it available to as many teachers as possible.

In a turbulent world with many conflicts, it is essential that pupils are equipped to navigate contested topics, evaluate evidence and arrive at their own conclusions.

The materials, containing both Student and Teacher Guides as well as links to relevant film and other media, are pitched at CfE Levels 2/3 and Levels 3/4, for use in both primary and secondary. They are of most interest perhaps in the teaching of Social Studies, Literacy and English, and Citizenship.

The resource can be adapted by teachers to suit the needs of learners as appropriate.