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Welcome to SEJ Digital AGM 2022

Welcome to this special edition of the SEJ, focusing on the Annual General Meeting that was held from June 9-11 in the Caird Hall in Dundee. This year’s AGM was particularly significant for a number of reasons. Firstly, it was the first in-person meeting of the AGM in three years, following virtual meetings for the past two years as a consequence of the COVID pandemic. Secondly, this AGM comes during the 175th anniversary year of the formation of the EIS. Finally, this AGM also marks the final conference for departing General Secretary Larry Flanagan and outgoing President Heather Hughes, and the first AGM following the selection of the first female General Secretary in EIS history, Andrea Bradley.

We highlight the AGM speeches from the outgoing and incoming General Secretaries and the outgoing President in this SEJ. We also report on the speech and Q&A session from Cabinet Secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville, who was an invited speaker at this year’s conference. We take a look at the Fringe events from this year’s AGM, and highlight the rally that took place outside the Caird Hall on the Saturday in support of the EIS ‘Pay Attention’ campaign.

The AGM is the sovereign body of the EIS and agrees policy priorities for the year ahead. This edition includes an overview of all the key motions that were debated at conference, and further information on all aspects of the AGM is available on the EIS website at www.eis.org.uk/Meetings-And-Events/AGM2022

It has been a busy and stressful year for everyone involved in Scottish education. We hope that you enjoy reading this special edition of the SEJ, and that you are able to enjoy a relaxing break over the summer period.

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AGM 2022

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