The EIS delegation played an active role at the recent STUC Women’s Conference, speaking on a wide range of motions.

The EIS Equalities Convener, Nicola Fisher, delivered an impassioned speech on the Emergency Motion on Afghanistan, in which she highlighted the impact of the return of the Taliban regime on women and girls.

Ms Fisher said, “We have been waiting centuries for the world to eradicate gender inequality. Well, the women and girls of Afghanistan can’t wait centuries for help.”

“Access to safe healthcare, midwifery support or any medical assistance during pregnancy and child birth is non-existent for many women and girls in Afghanistan. Many midwives who have campaigned for women’s rights in Afghanistan now find themselves targeted by the Taliban and have been forced into hiding.”

“One news report talked about families who are selling a child in order to feed their other children. Selling one of their children to stop the others starving to death. What kind of choice is that for parents to have to make? What kind of terrible desperation brings people to that? And no surprise the children being sold are often girls.”

“And all because families are so desperate, unable to feed their children. Because children in Afghanistan are starving to death – to death.”