The Gwen Mayor Trust was established by the EIS in memory of Gwen Mayor, the primary 1 teacher at Dunblane Primary School who was killed alongside 16 of her pupils in the 1996 tragedy. The purpose of the Trust is to advance education by providing financial support for projects in connection with the arts, culture, music or sport. Gwen Mayor’s daughter and a former colleague from Dunblane Primary School are among the Trustees to the Fund. All primary schools in Scotland are eligible for Gwen Mayor Trust Funding. Here we look back at some school projects that benefited from Gwen Mayor Trust funding last year.

Newmains Primary School, Renfrew

In November 2021 the children were delighted to receive £1000 from the Gwen Mayor Trust. The funding was used to promote reading for enjoyment in the outdoors. We used the money to purchase benches, cushions and a wooden tepee allowing the children a comfortable space to read, no matter the weather. As a result we have seen an increase in Reading for Enjoyment and an increase in the use of the Outdoor Space as the area has now been further developed to offer learning experiences in other curricular areas.

St John Vianney Primary School Edinburgh

Pupils have shown enthusiasm and increasing confidence in playing and performing and the skills they develop through learning to play an instrument which will benefit them across their learning.

Chirnsyde Primary School, Glasgow

As part of our programme to encourage pupil voice at Chirnsyde, each class participated in a “Choices and Voices” session last year. This involved pupils discussing and agreeing on a project that would support the school and/or wider community. Primary 6 had been learning about the links between physical activity and mental health and chose this as their project. Pupils worked with the Depute Head to apply for funding from the Gwen Mayor Trust to buy an athletics kit. They used this kit to plan and lead a range of physical lunchtime activities during Mental Health Week.
Pamela McTaggart, Depute Headteacher

Helmsdale Primary School, Highland

Back in 2021 we applied to the Gwen Mayor Trust for financial support to expand our outdoor provision. We had recently had a polycrub (gale-proof, hard polycarbonate version of a polytunnel made using recycled fish farm pipe) installed and we needed some resources to supplement what was currently available.

We applied for £1000 and were very fortunate to have been awarded this grant. We have purchased a variety of interdisciplinary, durable resources. The P1-3 children were put in groups to experience the resources, class teacher Alison Henderson states, “Being put into groups to use the resources purchased through the Gwen Mayor Fund is helping to enhance social and emotional development and already children are benefitting from these experiences, after being so isolated by covid in their crucial early stages.”
Shelly Taylor, Acting Headteacher

Woodlands Primary School, North Lanarkshire

The funding we received has been used to buy active play materials for our playgrounds. When we applied for the funds, we were in the process of changing our redundant ash pitch area but this had been delayed due to COVID. The Eco Committee and the Pupil Action Group had both been involved in sharing their ideas of what would make playtimes at Woodlands better. They all agreed that more equipment would help them to play better and to be more active. The children were involved in selecting the sort of equipment they would like and we made sure we had storage in place so that the resources could be easily accessed at break times.
Mairi Thomson, Principal Teacher

Successful Applications 2022/2023

£1,000 / Lumphanan Primary School, Banchory, Aberdeenshire
This year, as part of our expressive arts curriculum, we are planning to hold a ‘Lumphanan Art Gallery’ for parents and the wider community. The art gallery will showcase the children’s artwork using a variety of different mediums.

£975.75 / Menstrie Primary, Clackmannanshire
To deliver therapeutic art groups with follow up pupil/parent sessions with a focus on mental health and wellbeing, community/team building and home-school links.

£985.00 / Gretna Primary School, Dumfries & Galloway
We plan to start an after-school craft club for pupils, family and friends. The club aims to provide an enjoyable environment for family and children to learn together and support each other.

£730.00 / Nether Currie Primary School, Edinburgh
We plan to create an art exhibition for everyone in the community to come and enjoy. The theme will be ‘Equality, Diversity and Our Ever Changing World’.

£800.00 / St Marys RC Primary, Haddington
To engage with writers, illustrators and story tellers to deliver workshops within our school library to children and create stories which feature BAME characters. To create a library which is relevant to and representative of our whole school community.

£500.00 / Blairdardie Primary School, Glasgow
Children will have the opportunity to work with a Scottish Folk Singer/Professional Musician who will teach groups of children Scottish Songs. Some children will be taught songs in Gaelic.

£250.00 / St Peter’s R C Primary School, Aberdeen
As part of our Africa Week, we hope to have African drumming workshops running. We feel this would be a really exciting opportunity for our pupils to develop new skills in music and hopefully ignite a passion for this particular instrument in some of our pupils.

£500.00 / Newfield Primary School, Stonehouse, South Lanarkshire
We would like to request funding for musical instruments for our school, in order to begin a Keyboard and Recorder music club with Primary 6 and 7 pupils.

£600.00 / St Anthony’s Primary School, Johnstone, Renfrewshire
We have been given a wonderful opportunity to raise the cultural capital of our pupils by facilitating Disney working with pupils on the production and performance of ‘Aladdin’. Receiving funding to support this project would enhance the project immeasurably.

£835.00 / Knoxland Primary School, Dumbarton
The children of Knoxland primary have been undertaking a design and consultation process to develop a currently unusable space in an outdoor learning environment, built and designed by themselves.

£919.96 / Tulliallan Primary School, Kincardine
The aim is to create a safe area in our local woods that all children from Nursery to Primary 7 can use for outdoor learning.

£1000.00 / Levenvale Primary School, Alexandria
Pupils from P3-P7 have been selected to form a nature/garden club. We want this to be a safe space that can be enjoyed by all.

£1000.00 / Ardeer Primary, Stevenston
Last year, we were successful in gaining planning permission to extend our school grounds and, from consultation with our pupil ‘Gardening & Outdoor Learning’ committee, would now like to use this space to create a community wellbeing garden.

£950.00 / Blacklands Primary, Kilwinning
We have been successful with funding for improving our wooded area within our playground. We have also been successful with funding for an outdoor classroom to be built in November. We would use the funding to provide coaching attire for our P6 and P7 pupils to promote a sense of pride in their new role while they deliver various outdoor activities.

£600.00 / St Machan’s Primary, Lennoxtown
We are planning to establish a school netball team which would allow St Machan’s to represent the school at tournaments and events across EDC.

£1000.00 / Lorne Street Primary, Glasgow
At a recent Pupil Council Meeting, children highlighted that they would be keen to showcase their pride of their diverse school community through a display in the front foyer in the school.

£993.50 / Camdean Primary, Rosyth, Fife
This project has been named The Rainbow Room Project by children who will be participating in a range of nurture-based activities.