The results of the Behaviour in Scottish Schools Research (BiSSR), published by the Scottish Government, have confirmed that incidents of violence, aggression and disruptive behaviours in Scotland’s schools have risen significantly over the past few years.

Commenting, EIS General Secretary Andrea Bradley said, “The data in the BiSSR confirms the findings of the EIS national survey of school branches, which identified a significant rise in incidents of violence and aggression in our schools over the past few years.

Ms Bradley continued, “The Scottish Government and Scotland’s local authorities simply cannot ignore the evidence of the BiSSR and the EIS national survey, both of which paint a deeply worrying picture of a rising tide of disruptive behaviour, aggression and violence in Scotland’s schools.

“A lack of investment in education and support for young people, coupled with societal issues such as poverty, the influence of social media, mental ill-health and the continuing aftermath of the pandemic, have created an environment where too many young people feel alienated, isolated and distressed. For a growing minority of young people, this is increasingly manifesting itself in unruly, disruptive or violent behaviour, including during the school day and aimed at staff or other pupils.”

The EIS recently published the report on its national survey on pupil indiscipline, aggression, and violence in schools.

A copy of the full survey report is available at