• Save with EIS Extra
    How do I Start Saving? To make use of all the benefits, visit www.eis-extra.org.uk and login to your account. If this is the fi rst time that you’re accessing your account, you will need to register by entering your EIS membership number and surname. Reloadable Cards Reloadable cards are a fantastic way to earn cashback… Read more: Save with EIS Extra
  • Why Professional Noticing Matters
    Journeying into the Outdoors: Wednesday, 26th May saw the return of our Early Years webinars, with our focus this time on the Journey into the Outdoors. In this first of a series of articles flowing from the event, Jenny Carey, a Senior Teaching Fellow at the University of Strathclyde and one of the speakers, reflects… Read more: Why Professional Noticing Matters
  • Poetry Workshop Retrospective
    The EIS and the Scottish Poetry Library have worked together over the past few years to bring poetry into the everyday lives and work of EIS members. The 2018 anthology To Learn the Future: Poems for Teachers was part-funded by the EIS and has been gifted to successive cohorts of newly qualified teachers as a… Read more: Poetry Workshop Retrospective
  • Being big storytellers can be good for us
    Enduring memories of childhood for many of us include when we would choose a book for story time. We remember beginning to add our own imagination, perhaps drawing the main character, making up the characters’ voices, and maybe adding a familiar place name instead of ‘far, far away.’ We have memories of learning, in a… Read more: Being big storytellers can be good for us
  • On the path towards equality
    Over the last year, the EIS has continued our long-standing commitment to and work for equality in the workplace and in education, working with members who are underrepresented in the profession and the union – and championing the advancement of equality for those who continue to face discrimination and marginalisation in our society. The pandemic… Read more: On the path towards equality