How do I Start Saving?

To make use of all the benefits, visit and login to your account. If this is the fi rst time that you’re accessing your account, you will need to register by entering your EIS membership number and surname.

Reloadable Cards

Reloadable cards are a fantastic way to earn cashback and save money on your regular spending such as supermarket shopping. You can earn up to 8% cashback* at major retailers including Sainsbury’s, Tesco, ASDA, Argos, Currys PC World, M&S, B&Q, GAP and many more!

Not only are reloadable cards available for a range of popular retailers, but they’re also so easy to use! Simply order your cards through the EIS Extra website with a minimum load value of £10. The correct cashback amount will be credited to your account as soon as you place your order. Once your card arrives in the post, activate it through your account and start using it to pay for your shopping at the relevant retailer.

Through your EIS Extra account, you can quickly and easily check the balance of your cards and top them up using a credit or debit card. Even better, you can save yourself time and set up a direct debit, so your reloadable cards are automatically loaded with a set amount of money every month. That way, you can keep earning cashback for simply doing your usual shopping!

Watch your cashback grow over time and, if you ever want to use it, you can simply transfer it to your bank account or a reloadable card. Please note, you need to have a minimum of £5 in your cashback account to transfer money.

Digital Vouchers

Want to save money while you’re on the go? Delivered to you in minutes, digital vouchers are a quick and easy way to earn cashback on your spontaneous spending, meals out and more.

Through EIS Extra, you can save up to 10%* using digital vouchers at popular clothing retailers such as ASOS, Clarks and New Look as well as restaurants and pub chains including Miller & Carter, Chef & Brewer and O’Neill’s.

Simply search for digital vouchers using the ‘Discounts’ button on the menu bar. Once you’ve found a digital voucher you want, add the quantity or value to cover the cost of your intended purchase and checkout. Cashback is automatically credited to your account and your voucher will be sent to you via email and stored in the My Messages area of your EIS Extra account. Simply follow the instructions provided to use your digital voucher(s) at the relevant retailer.

What are some of the other offers I can save on?

As well as accruing cashback by using reloadable cards and digital vouchers, you can also get discounts from various well-known brands.