National Occupational Networks operate to represent certain members who are part of an occupational group within the EIS who have distinctive interests and who may not be represented in other structures within the Institute. These groups operate on behalf of four categories of members – Additional Support Needs, Educational Psychologists, Headteachers and Deputy Headteachers, and Instrumental Music Teachers.

Networks operate to offer a forum for such members, to keep the main body of the EIS advised of developments in these areas and to allow proper assistance to be offered to these members in matters which affect them. Occupational Networks discuss matters of specific interest to these categories of members and the results of their discussions are passed to Executive Committee or Local Associations to form part of the normal process of policy consideration.

New elections to the Networks are now underway, any Headteacher/Depute Headteacher (where a member) and any other relevant members have the opportunity to nominate themselves for election.

Applications are invited from members in these categories to serve as the representative of their Local Association area on the national Network for their category. One Network representative is elected for each Local Association area and members may nominate themselves. The period of office is three years and Networks normally meet on around two occasions each year.

Nomination forms are available from Local Association Secretaries and from the Organisation Department at EIS Headquarters and should be sent to Local Association Secretaries to arrive no later than Friday 17 December 2021.